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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sew much to do...

Poor neglected little blog. The last 6 months have been somewhat overwhelming and in my typical fashion one of many neglected areas was blogging. but I am hopeful that we are now in a pause-for-breath at the very least phase, lol, and I need to get back on board with blogging about my crafty endeavours, for they have been myriad! Up above is a case I finally made for my iPod Touch from Janelle Wind's lovely book "Pieces of Me". It's about time I stopped just throwing the poor iPod straight into my bag and this pouch was quick and easy to make from some favourite spotty fabrics. I will definitely be making more projects from this delicious book.

I am currently working on:
  • my goodies for the second round of the {Urban} Home Goods Swap running on flickr
  • House blocks for the August round of the Australasian Bee on flickr
  • Kim Mclean's Lollypop Trees quilt, running as a Block of the Month through Material obsession in Sydney
  • Petals and Patches Block of the Month running through Stitch here in Christchurch
I am shockingly up to date in my Not Your Grandmother's Quilting Bee (The Hive) swap (also through flickr - I heart flickr) and have been rearranging/rationalising my crafting supplies since shifting house has necessitated a change in crafting environment. I was a little concerned that moving from a whole room dedicated to crafty pursuits to a 'nook' off the TV lounge would be problematic. But far from it! I haven't been this creative or productive in a long time and I still get to feel like I am part of the family. Oscar loves pulling his little yellow stool up beside me and doing some drawing or just asking me about what I am working on. He has even had a go at his first sewing project - stitching 2 rectangles of fabric together with needle and thread to make a pocket for 'his' iPod (one of the old school narrow skinny ones from a couple of generations ago that his dad has moved on from - not exactly the kind of hand-me-downs we got back in the day!). I love the view of the garden outside my window and as spring approaches it is really starting to get pretty out there. When the wisteria starts dripping down right in front of me I will be in crafty Heaven!


Sarah said...

oh I hope the past 6 months haven't been bad overwhelming, just busy! *hugs* I wish you lived near me so you could teach me to sew!

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